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At New Life Metropolitan Community Church we see your worth… So let us pray for you.  It’s easy, just submit your pray request here and it will be forwarded to our Prayer and Intercessory Group.    We will pray with you on your behalf as we offer your request to God.

You can decide if you want your prayer request to be private, 

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or posted publicly on our website’s prayer wall.  

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Please take time to pray for others and as you do please click “I Prayed For You” so that requester's will know they are being prayed.
Request Title# PrayersDate 
Open my eyes to the truth. 306-02-2024View Details
Paul's repentance 305-24-2024View Details
New Home103-27-2024View Details
Help402-26-2024View Details
Relationship and Provide201-02-2024View Details
Prayer request to have our first baby together 511-06-2023View Details
Please pray for my husband and I to have our first baby 310-30-2023View Details
God’s will207-25-2023View Details
To see the truth504-03-2023View Details
Help303-01-2023View Details
Help201-29-2023View Details
Healing 501-19-2023View Details
Healing201-04-2023View Details
Health and protection 212-29-2022View Details
Supernatural healung312-22-2022View Details
Relationship broken312-11-2022View Details
Financial freedom411-26-2022View Details
Healing forMitch211-20-2022View Details
Financial blessings 511-06-2022View Details
Healing 210-20-2022View Details
Protection, no harm, psalm 91210-18-2022View Details
Marriage 410-01-2022View Details
Marriage 209-23-2022View Details
Deliverance for Sarah109-17-2022View Details
Healing108-29-2022View Details
Travel mercies 208-21-2022View Details
Protection 307-28-2022View Details
Help207-22-2022View Details
Please pray for me206-25-2022View Details
Jason & His Family's Salvation 206-09-2022View Details
Kids205-22-2022View Details
Mitch303-06-2022View Details
Healing after the nightmare1001-10-2021View Details
Prayer Request512-30-2020View Details
Jason's Salvation4806-21-2020View Details
Healing and Debt6204-16-2020View Details
Seeking new church for a new life through our Lord5103-14-2020View Details
Please pray 3606-17-2019View Details
Please pray 4805-24-2019View Details
HELP3605-08-2019View Details
Please pray for me, my family, others4704-19-2019View Details
help4701-17-2019View Details
Please pray3910-30-2018View Details
help4108-14-2018View Details
Rally For Alicia5008-11-2018View Details
Out patient surgery5208-01-2018View Details
Please pray4507-31-2018View Details
Please help me save my home5006-19-2018View Details
Please pray4202-25-2018View Details
Please pray2902-02-2018View Details
loneliness5009-18-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome4205-06-2017View Details
Linda having both jaws joints replaced4607-20-2016View Details
Prayer Request5605-09-2016View Details
Marriage Restoration4904-20-2016View Details
Prayer Request3003-09-2016View Details
Job Success3102-12-2016View Details
Prayers for my co-worker's brother John5602-10-2016View Details
Miracles for touched heart6002-02-2016View Details
wisdom for MOPP3701-29-2016View Details
Prayer Request4912-21-2015View Details
Healthy Marriage & Family4712-20-2015View Details
prosperity3711-23-2015View Details
Employement3410-14-2015View Details
Prayer for myself and Mother5010-10-2015View Details
MONEY AND HEALTH6608-24-2015View Details
Home repairs5007-29-2015View Details
personal prayer5907-25-2015View Details
Father touch me3607-02-2015View Details
Please Pray For My Partner DAvid5506-24-2015View Details
Prayer for situation4606-21-2015View Details
I am in extreme crisis5206-20-2015View Details
Finances4406-17-2015View Details
Graduation and Spiritual Wisdom4406-01-2015View Details
losing hope2705-21-2015View Details
Employment 4705-21-2015View Details
Please pray for Poland , Church in the USA, and our service to t4104-11-2015View Details
2 Prayer Request3504-08-2015View Details
Forgiveness/Marriage4802-01-2015View Details
A job3701-09-2015View Details
Job3812-30-2014View Details
Dear Nancy,Our praye4511-13-2014View Details
prayer request5110-31-2014View Details
please pray5710-28-2014View Details
aojevunyOmLzR510-12-2014View Details
Guidance4908-22-2014View Details
Switching Churches3708-08-2014View Details
Guidance3107-28-2014View Details
For World Peace Now5907-17-2014View Details
how to get cialis prescription 3806-29-2014View Details
Financial Blessings4006-25-2014View Details
Salvation of Souls Worldwide4305-23-2014View Details
For World Peace Now4805-04-2014View Details
test4 - web5605-03-2014View Details
TEST34004-09-2014View Details
Please Pray For Me5001-29-2014View Details