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Submitted By:Brandi Reiter
Prayer Request:You Father say it is not good for man to be alone. I know You are not a liar. You say You love my children more than I love them , You died for them. Your love for them can not be measured. You tell me Father to trust in You.
Jesus O Jesus, please hear me. Please hear me dear Lord Lion of Judah.  You've seen the toxic relationships both of my adult daughters have been in. Today I'm lifting up Sarah. She is yearning for a husband. When she was little, like 5 years old, a psychic lady at my moms house, spoke over her that she wouldn't get married. I have rebuked this for over 25 years. But guess what. Sarah is not married. I have cried over this, saying why Lord do You give power to a mere women who does witchcraft. You Father I know are in control of this and on the Throne. I beg Father dont let what this lady spoke over my daughter Sarah come to fruition. You Jesus do not want Sarah to be alone. You Father say we are free in Christ, so why is Sarah not free from these words? I asked You Lord and ask You now to break this curse and free Sarah from these words and all witchcraft once and for all in Jesus Name.  Prayer reader: Sarah cant even get a boyfriend,  she goes on 2 dates max and the guy stops talking to her. I've witnessed texts and conversations between them, there is NOTHING UNUSUAL that she says or does, she is a normal and beautiful daughter, I desperately need all of You to lift up my daughter Sarah in prayer and stand in agreement for all curses to be broken NOW as the words are read, and for her to pass the 2nd date and go on to  numerous dates, and for her to find her soulmate and for him to pursue Sarah and ask her to marry him, may he be from the Lord, this prayer may need fasting, please God send a good and faithful man to Sarah now, to pursue her daily and constantly and to ask her to be his girlfriend and to ask her to be his fiance and to ask her to be his wife and for her to say yes and for them to be blessed and protected and married, and stay married, and be healthy, sound, whole, sane, safe, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Hallelujah!