Prayer Pennies

Prayer Pennies is a Ministry of Feeding children at two schools & an orphanage near Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic pic 8 Advent Dec 2015

With both passion and compassion – both here at home and also globally, New Life MCC has a global focus to feed hungry children at Colegio ICM El Tamarindo (150 students) and Centro Para la Educacion Dominica & Orphanage, La Urena (310 students) in the Dominican Republic.

Linda was forever changed on the first MCC Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic when a school director said the biggest challenge every day was deciding which child gets to eat.  There was not enough money to feed all the children.  Many times there are no lunches at all. That’s where Prayer Pennies step in and you can help — by donating your pennies, coins and dollars to the Prayer Pennies Ministry.  It takes less than $1 a day to feed a child.

Take an empty Prayer Pennies jar from the table in the hall, and bring it back filled with your loose pennies and coins.  There is no due date for a jar: bring it back when it’s full.
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Kids International (KI) Inc. is the 501(c)3 non-profit that distributes Prayer Penny funds to two schools and orphanage near Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.  KI is 100% volunteers.  100% of every donation is for feeding children.  No volunteer receives any compensation.  All mission visits are funded by each missionary. Annual Tax Deduction receipts provided.  
Prayer Pennies are ONLY used to feed children.

Kids International Inc.

Motto: “We cannot do it ALL, but WE ALL can do something!”