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Dear Nancy,Our praye
Submitted By:Ioana Ioana
Prayer Request:Dear Nancy,Our prayers go out to you and your sidoduadaattian. You have sufadfered much and I know how much God the Father wants to wrap you up in His lovading hands and conadsole you and heal your wdeuond heart. What you clearly express is that you have a difadfiadculty with faith. In believading that God loves you peradsonadally as His child and that He wants to heal you. I hear the words of Jesus on the Cross, “My God, my God why have you foradsaken me.” Jesusb4knows the feeladings of despair. He has fealt them all, othaderadwise He could not comadpletely redeem us and all our expeadriadences. He assumed all to save all. Howadever, in the Gospels He calls us to have faith. Where there was litadtle faith, there were few miradaadcles. In my expeadriadence as a priest, many times I have seen that the door opens to healading when one looks to childadhood and sees the first wounds of the heart. It is there that the first walls were built up. The walls that donb4t let anyadbody in, not even God. He wonb4t force Himadself on us and that is why it is someadtimes conadfusading why He doesnb4t heal our present sidoduadaattian.What can hapadpen is that the litadtle child can stop cryading and say to himadself or heradself (conadsciously or subadconadsciously), “I wonb4t let anyadbody else hurt me.” The heart is held bound by such a promise until it is renounced. One can also be comadmanded by ones paradents not to cry and were never given peradmisadsion to comadmuadniadcate the hurts one fealt. “Big girls donb4t cry” or other cliches that are lies and hurtadful to emoadtional growth. I peradsonadally heard “Whereb4s the blood?” when I tried to express the hurts I fealt. It is hard to know exactly what could be the block to you being healed, but I would recadomadmend a few steps.1. Ask God for the gift of faith and trust that He has given it to you.2. If you are Catholic I would go to Conadfesadsion and examadine your life to make sure you are workading to live a moral life as is indiadcated by the Gospels, espeadcially in the area of foradgiveadness. If we hate and resent othaders this can be a great obstaadcle to healading. Then go to Eucharist often askading the Lord to ever come deeper into your heart. To all the dark, lonely, empty, wdeuond parts. Donb4t be afraid. He is always very genadtle.3. Spend time in prayer in silence in a calm, speadcial place (I recadomadmend before the Blessed Sacraadment in adoadraadtion if it is availadable to you).4. It sounds like you may be aware of ALANON Which is for the famadily memadbers of addicts. Attend the meetadings and there are some great tapes by Fr. Emmaderadick on the 12 Steps and Detatchading with Love.5. Rememadber the man in the Gospel who was ill for 38 years. Jesus asked him, “Do you want to be healed?” This may sound strange but we can be so accusadtomed to the disadoradder around us that we can have an unconadscious fear of real change. Ask God for the courage to change if this is thea0case.May God conadsole you, guide you, heal you and strenghten you and may the saints interadcede for you on your journey.Fr. Isaac