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At New Life Metropolitan Community Church we see your worth… So let us pray for you.  It’s easy, just submit your pray request here and it will be forwarded to our Prayer and Intercessory Group.    We will pray with you on your behalf as we offer your request to God.

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Financial Blessings
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:For our bank to give us the loan we need to get us back on financial track due to my husband losing his job and for local job to call him with start date this week. For my husband not to plan out things without talking with me first and stop letting his family to interfere with our lives all the time. For her her state and never come back here with all of her drama. For my husband to see through all of the nonsense and give our children time to enjoy their life and put our children first in everything he does and stop letting people of his past interfere with our life. For God to keep his hand on my bosses so that my job will be more secure so we will not be relocating to anywhere else. For us to stay in Florida and everyone in his family to leave us alone. For him to let me finish my degree and start my career. For him to stop being selfish and allow God to make things right here.