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Submitted By:T K
Prayer Request:I need prayer please. I recently moved in with my sister who I think has a lot of mental and emotional issues. After praying, I feel in my heart my family has a line of narcissism in it. I grew up dealing with an emotionally abusive parent. Living with my sister... it's bad energy and walking on eggshells. She complains mostly all of the time and nothing you do is right or okay. She has an attitude where she acts as if everyone is against her or someone is doing something to get to her and this is constant. I usually pray but right now I don't even have enough energy to pray for myself. I am very fed up with it. I work for her company and have been helping her as much as I can. On top of that I have not even been payed yet for helping her. Yet, if I don't do something how she wants it... she acts like I did nothing and im against her. I really see a form of narcissism and now.... I dont really get upset about it because I do feel she has personal issues. But I myself am trying to deal with anxiety, depression and other issues and I realized I just can't do it. I'm tired. I have prayed about it... I have tried to deal with it... I honestly feel like Im at my whit's end. It's one thing to have personal things going on it's another to constantly take it out on other people. There are a lot of traits in her that I didn't realize she had until living with her. I know shes a child of God and I love her very much... But I can't be a doormat anymore. Most times I cant even speak up for myself because shes always right and she'll talk over you. I need prayer God really helps me out of the situation. I'm depending on someone who is not emotioally stable. She'll do odd things like take back something she gave you and you won't know why and have to try to figure out what you did to her. It's a mind game. I am no saint and I do have my ways and I could be better at communicating... But I just don't feel the situation in general is healthy to be in. I need prayer God helps me depend on him from this point on.